* on-farm services
* in-clinic services
*donor and recipient boarding
* superovulation and collection of donors
* embryo implantation
* embryo freezing
* artificial insemination
* ultrasound

Embryo transfer (ET) affords breeders an economical method to multiply the best bloodlines in a herd. The ET process allows a cow or heifer to have many more calves than would normally be possible in the lifetime. The donor heifer or cow is superovulated with a specific hormone treatment and either bred natural service or artificially inseminated. The recipient cattle ( of any breed or mix) are synchronized to come into estrus the same time as the donor(s). Seven days after standing estrus, The donors embryos are non-surgically flushed from her uterus. The embryos are then transferred to the recipient cattle with synchronized heats, or frozen for implantation later date. Each embryo is recorded as either fresh or frozen transfer, complete with pertinent information including the date, pedigree, and registration numbers of the sire and dam.
BovaGen’s staff is committed to working with each breeder to create a program that best fulfills The breeders individual and specific breeding and reproductive goals. BovaGen’s staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry and will be readily available throughout the ET process to educate and train clients. This allows breeders to capitalize on BovaGen’s services and achieve maximum results.

Marty Jensen, manager of BovaGen’s ET center’s in -clinic services, is available to assist clients with questions regarding embryo transfer and artificial insemination.

BovaGen is an accredited export facility.

Dr. Boyd Bien. 43475 111th st Lake City, SD 57247 [email protected]

OFFICE. 43475 111th St Lake City, SD 57247. 

Dr Bien cell: (605)-237-0385
ET CENTER. 10309 431 AVE Britton, SD 57430 

Marty Jensen cell: (605)-470-0224 
[email protected] 

Lucas Cutler cell: (605)-290-9016  [email protected]

Miles Morris
(816) 465-1546
[email protected]

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