BovaGen has averaged 12 embryos per flush on our first 15 flushes with a 70% conception rate and our donors receive good care.

Collin Eichler, (Club Calf) Columbia, SD

I have never work with anyone so  professional and patient, striving to get the best results for the customer and doing it! Our last flush and transfer was 5 for 5 On fresh embryos, and 2 for 3 on frozen embryos.  A Job Well Done, Thank you!

Keith Eichler, Aberdeen SD

We have seen tremendous value in BovaGen’s work based on the number of pregnancies per flush.

Tyler Melroe, (Shorthorn/Club Calf) Gwinner, ND

We are very pleased with our experiences with Dr. Bien of Bovagen.  Our pregnancy rates on embryo transfers, fresh or frozen, have increased, dramatically.  His attention to detail and his records of donors, is outstanding.  The assistants have always been, exceptionally, courteous, pleasant and well-trained individuals.  All of those who are involved with Bovagen, have proven themselves to us, to be genuine people of character that are highly skilled in their work.

Terry Schlenker Wilkinson Farms Simmentals Montpelier, ND

Dr. Boyd Bien. 43475 111th st Lake City, SD 57247 [email protected]

OFFICE. 43475 111th St Lake City, SD 57247. 

Dr Bien cell: (605)-237-0385
ET CENTER. 10309 431 AVE Britton, SD 57430 

Marty Jensen cell: (605)-470-0224 
[email protected] 

Lucas Cutler cell: (605)-290-9016  [email protected]

Miles Morris
(816) 465-1546
[email protected]

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